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Meet the Founders

Friends and foodie moms from Stellenbosch, Heloise Geldenhuys and Lerine van Wyk, are loving this creative food journey while taking the stress out of weeknight cooking.
'We take great satisfaction in broadening your food repertoire and serving tasty meals with love'.

Box Appetit

Our Story

With our love and knowledge of food, we realized that we can make life a little bit easier. Who does not wince when you hear the question "What's for dinner?" The struggle is real... The good news is, cooking a healthy balanced dinner can be so easy! We take care of the recipe and shopping on your behalf and deliver it to your doorstep. One less box for you to tick, while we tick all of these for you:

  • Healthy prepped dinners    
  • Delivered to your doorstep 
  • Local organic produce         
  • Quick and easy                    

So choose your recipes, place your order and have fun cooking weeknight meals and fooling around in your kitchen!

Order your Box Appetit in three easy steps:

  • Step 1  You choose your meals
  • Step 2  Delivered to your doorstep
  • Step 3  You cook and enjoy

Our Suppliers and Food Philosophy

Our philosophy to food is all about enjoying everything in moderation and in a balanced way. Food should be one of life’s greatest pleasures and not something to be afraid of or obsess about.

Box Appetit can help you to turn all sorts of seasonal ingredients into healthy, exciting meals. You will be eating real food, minus all the hormones, chemicals, refined sugars and processed stuff. Instead you will be filling up on fresh, organically grown foods that fuel your body and will change your life.

So with this as a general rule, we select our suppliers accordingly. All our products are organic and ethically farmed, using manners that nourish the animal and the environment. You won’t find a much simpler farm to plate journey than with Box Appetit. And in return you will be supporting small local businesses from your own community.

The most beautiful part of starting this business is the excitement and positive input we received from every single person who contributed to getting if off the ground. It has been truly inspirational and now we hope that every person who orders from us will share in our joy, fooling around in the kitchen.

Please also support our ‘reduce, re-use, recycle policy’ by kindly returning your box as well as our Weck glass condiment jars. These will be re-used for your next delivery. Please also note that we purposely do not make use of polystyrene sheets in our boxes. Instead we use recycled plastic sheets and environmentally friendly, re-usable ice packs.

Featured Supplier

The Green Goddes

We are a team of three growers previously from the horticultural and propagation industry who have known each other for almost 25 years. A few years ago we embarked on the project to bring high end organic herbs and vegetables to the gourmet food market. We have taken our trials and errors learned in these years to concentrate on what we grow best and that we can now offer our original products at a reduced rate.

We strive to grow a superior export quality item in the best natural environment possible striving to not impact the planet with man made chemicals and unnecessary animal waste. We use what nature gives so that you can be healthy.